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The missing JavaScript course. Learn JavaScript from the absolute beginning and master the core essentials of what a JavaScript developer needs to know. This is your complete guide.

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What you'll learn

Everything you need, structured and ready to go

The Missing Introduction to JavaScript (3 lessons)

  • Course Overview

    Course Overview

    In Development
  • What is JavaScript?

    What is JavaScript?

    In Development
  • Why JavaScript?

    Why JavaScript?

    In Development

Hello <script> World (4 lessons)

  • Project Setup

    Project Setup

    In Development
  • Hello <script> World

    Hello <script> World

    In Development
  • Understanding the DOM

    Understanding the DOM

    In Development
  • A Console Primer

    A Console Primer

    In Development

Getting Started with JavaScript (3 lessons)

  • JavaScript Statements

    JavaScript Statements

    In Development
  • JavaScript Syntax

    JavaScript Syntax

    In Development
  • JavaScript Comments

    JavaScript Comments

    In Development

Variables with var, let and const (3 lessons)

  • Variables with “var”

    Variables with “var”

    In Development
  • Introducing “let”

    Introducing “let”

    In Development
  • “let” and “const”

    “let” and “const”

    In Development

Primitive Data Types (8 lessons)

  • Introduction to Types

    Introduction to Types

    In Development
  • String type

    String type

    In Development
  • Number type

    Number type

    In Development
  • Boolean type

    Boolean type

    In Development
  • Null type

    Null type

    In Development
  • Undefined type

    Undefined type

    In Development
  • Null versus Undefined

    Null versus Undefined

    In Development
  • Dynamic Types and Coercion

    Dynamic Types and Coercion

    In Development

Reference Data Types (4 lessons)

  • Arrays


    In Development
  • Objects


    In Development
  • Functions


    In Development
  • Dates


    In Development

Conditional Statements (2 lessons)

  • If, Else If and Else

    If, Else If and Else

    In Development
  • Switch Statements

    Switch Statements

    In Development

JavaScript Operators (5 lessons)

  • Comparison Operators

    Comparison Operators

    In Development
  • Assignment Operators

    Assignment Operators

    In Development
  • Arithmetic Operators

    Arithmetic Operators

    In Development
  • Logical Operators

    Logical Operators

    In Development
  • Type Operators

    Type Operators

    In Development

Strings in Depth (6 lessons)

  • Strings, Length and Property Access

    Strings, Length and Property Access

    In Development
  • Methods: indexOf, lastIndexOf, search

    Methods: indexOf, lastIndexOf, search

    In Development
  • Methods: slice, substr

    Methods: slice, substr

    In Development
  • Methods: substring, replace

    Methods: substring, replace

    In Development
  • Methods: toUpperCase, toLowerCase

    Methods: toUpperCase, toLowerCase

    In Development
  • Methods: split, repeat, trim

    Methods: split, repeat, trim

    In Development

Numbers in Depth (4 lessons)

  • Numbers, Floating Points

    Numbers, Floating Points

    In Development
  • Numbers and Strings Gotchas

    Numbers and Strings Gotchas

    In Development
  • Not-a-Number (NaN)

    Not-a-Number (NaN)

    In Development
  • Methods: toFixed, toPrecision

    Methods: toFixed, toPrecision

    In Development

Arrays in Depth (8 lessons)

  • Array Object and Properties

    Array Object and Properties

    In Development
  • Methods: unshift, push

    Methods: unshift, push

    In Development
  • Methods: shift, pop

    Methods: shift, pop

    In Development
  • Methods: forEach, map

    Methods: forEach, map

    In Development
  • Methods: indexOf, includes, from, find

    Methods: indexOf, includes, from, find

    In Development
  • Methods: concat, slice, splice

    Methods: concat, slice, splice

    In Development
  • Methods: filter, reduce, some

    Methods: filter, reduce, some

    In Development
  • Methods: sort, reverse

    Methods: sort, reverse

    In Development

Objects in Depth (9 lessons)

  • Object Constructors and Literals

    Object Constructors and Literals

    In Development
  • Object Properties

    Object Properties

    In Development
  • Object Methods

    Object Methods

    In Development
  • Understanding “this” in Objects

    Understanding “this” in Objects

    In Development
  • Method Chaining

    Method Chaining

    In Development
  • Checking Property Existence

    Checking Property Existence

    In Development
  • “for…in” loop

    “for…in” loop

    In Development
  • Copying and Comparing Objects

    Copying and Comparing Objects

    In Development
  • Cloning and Merging

    Cloning and Merging

    In Development

Functions in Depth (9 lessons)

  • Function Syntax and Scope

    Function Syntax and Scope

    In Development
  • Function Declarations and Expressions

    Function Declarations and Expressions

    In Development
  • Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

    Immediately Invoked Function Expressions

    In Development
  • Function “return” statement

    Function “return” statement

    In Development
  • Understanding “this” in Functions

    Understanding “this” in Functions

    In Development
  • Function Closures

    Function Closures

    In Development
  • Function “arguments” Object

    Function “arguments” Object

    In Development
  • Arrow Functions

    Arrow Functions

    In Development
  • Methods: call, apply, bind

    Methods: call, apply, bind

    In Development

Dates in Depth (6 lessons)

  • Date Constructor and Prototype

    Date Constructor and Prototype

    In Development
  • Method: getDate, getDay, getMonth, getFullYear

    Method: getDate, getDay, getMonth, getFullYear

    In Development
  • Method: getTime, getHours, getMinutes, getSeconds

    Method: getTime, getHours, getMinutes, getSeconds

    In Development
  • Method: now, parse

    Method: now, parse

    In Development
  • Method: setDate, setDay, setMonth, setFullYear

    Method: setDate, setDay, setMonth, setFullYear

    In Development
  • Method: setTime, setHours, setMinutes, setSeconds

    Method: setTime, setHours, setMinutes, setSeconds

    In Development

Loops and Iteration (3 lessons)

  • For, For Of, For In Loops

    For, For Of, For In Loops

    In Development
  • While and Do While Loops

    While and Do While Loops

    In Development
  • Label, Break and Continue Statements

    Label, Break and Continue Statements

    In Development

Classes and Prototypes (5 lessons)

  • Classes and Prototypes Explained

    Classes and Prototypes Explained

    In Development
  • Understanding Classes and Constructors

    Understanding Classes and Constructors

    In Development
  • Public and Private Members

    Public and Private Members

    In Development
  • Static Properties and Methods

    Static Properties and Methods

    In Development
  • Prototypal Inheritance

    Prototypal Inheritance

    In Development

DOM Manipulation and Events (13 lessons)

  • What is the DOM?

    What is the DOM?

    In Development
  • Outputting JavaScript

    Outputting JavaScript

    In Development
  • Lifecycle Events

    Lifecycle Events

    In Development
  • Single Node Selectors

    Single Node Selectors

    In Development
  • Multi Node Selectors

    Multi Node Selectors

    In Development
  • DOM Tree Traversal

    DOM Tree Traversal

    In Development
  • Manipulating DOM Elements

    Manipulating DOM Elements

    In Development
  • Style and CSS

    Style and CSS

    In Development
  • Attributes and Properties

    Attributes and Properties

    In Development
  • Event Listeners and “Event”

    Event Listeners and “Event”

    In Development
  • Mouse Events

    Mouse Events

    In Development
  • Input and Keyboard Events

    Input and Keyboard Events

    In Development
  • Event Delegation and Bubbling

    Event Delegation and Bubbling

    In Development
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