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40 lessons 3 hours Up-to-date with v6.x
Todd Motto teaching Ultimate Courses

Author: Todd Motto Google Developer expert Google Developer Expert

Ready to reach beyond the basics? Level-up your TypeScript flare with Generics, Enums, Overloads, Type Guards and Queries, Mapped Types, Declaration Files, and more. We’ll also equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the Compiler Options, so you can use your new-found expertise every time you build a new TypeScript app.

Play TypeScript featured video typeof and Type Guards 11:15

Overview, setup and source files

2 lessons

  • Setup Instructions

  • Source Files


Understanding and Typing "this"

4 lessons

  • A “this” Keyword Primer

  • Exploring “this” with .call, .apply and .bind

  • Arrow Functions and Lexical Scope

  • Typing “this” and “noImplicitThis”


Type Queries

3 lessons

  • “typeof” Type Queries

  • “keyof” Index Type Queries

  • “keyof”, Generics and Lookup Types


Mapped Types

5 lessons

  • “Readonly” Mapped Type

  • “Partial” Mapped Type

  • “Required” Mapped Type, +/- Modifiers

  • “Pick” Mapped Type

  • “Record” Mapped Type


Exploring Type Guards

4 lessons

  • “typeof” and Type Guards

  • “instanceof” and Type Guards

  • User Defined Type Guards

  • Literal Type Guards and “in” Operator


Advanced Types and Practices

4 lessons

  • Intersection Types

  • Discriminated (Tagged) Unions

  • Interfaces vs Type Aliases

  • Interfaces vs Classes


Generics and Overloads

2 lessons

  • Function Generics

  • Function Overloads


Exploring Enums

2 lessons

  • Numeric Enums and Reverse Mappings

  • String Enums and Inlining Members


Declaration Files

4 lessons

  • DefinitelyTyped and @types

  • Writing Declaration Files

  • Augmenting Modules with Declarations

  • Emitting Declaration Files


tsconfig and Compiler Options

10 lessons

  • Include, Exclude and Files properties

  • Configuration Inheritance with Extends

  • Output Locations, Tweaks and Emitting On Error

  • Emitting Source Maps

  • Transpiling and Experimental Features

  • Understanding “lib” and ES libraries

  • Strict Flags for Enhanced Safety

  • CLI Output Tweaks

  • Enforcing Code Quality

  • Performance Bundling and tslib


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40 lessons 3 hours
Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating
4.8/5 (1042 ratings)











Everything you could to learn for Angular. The courses ask "why?", and responds with the answers!

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I've come up to speed immediately. I was lost and confused before this course, a brilliant job.

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Joe Kahl

Senior Engineer

There's no material available like this online all in one place, fantastic.

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Dick Swart

Senior Developer

This course is incredible and laid everything out for me in a few hours. I've fallen in love with NGRX!

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The first course I've ever watch to the end. I've immediately grasped NGRX Store and Effects!

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Hands down best start to finish NGRX course available. 10/10.

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Alexander Torres

IT Specialist

The Angular courses have been indispensable for me getting things done, the right way.

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The real ultimate guide to Angular. Thank you for all your contributions to the community.

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Sherry List


Absolutely love these courses, I've built my first proper app. Recommended to all.

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JavaScript Engineer

The Angular courses are the best you'll find. They've taken our skills to the next level.

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Ben Brown

Lead Engineer

An immense job breaking things down into simple concepts. I would strongly recommend Ultimate Courses.

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Houssein Djirdeh

JavaScript Engineer

If you want to finally understand Angular and TypeScript, you're in the right place.

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Product Owner

The essentials of architecture, combined with organisation and advanced tricks.

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Johan Chouquet


The best Angular instructors out there with unrivalled knowledge. First-class Angular courses.

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Sebastien Pelletier

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Crystal clear concepts, meticulously designed examples and projects. Fantastically valuable.

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Yiling Lu

Senior Developer

Ultimate Courses gives you an edge. Bursts of knowledge that really step up your game.

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Simon Dufour

JavaScript Developer

Self-paced, comprehensive, real examples from beginning to end, clear and concisely brilliant.

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Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect

Very few break down concepts in such a digestable way. Full of vital real-world techniques.

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Chris Sevilleja

Co-founder, Scotch.io

Ultimate Courses is a fantastic way for you and your team to start writing quality code.

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Nate Murray

Author of ng-book

Hands down the best courses available. Daunting concepts aren't scary anymore, they're a breeze.

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Vatsal Pande

Full-Stack Engineer

I attempted other courses before these, and Ultimate Courses is way ahead and incomparable.

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The clearest and best produced courses on the market! Clear, concise, packed with best practices.

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Everything you could to learn for Angular. The courses ask "why?", and responds with the answers!

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Ryan Woodcox

JavaScript Developer

The content has been well thought out, everything fits together perfectly.

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Pranava Balugari

JavaScript Developer

The best resource for anyone wanting to get started with Angular, and go way beyond.

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Anish Benjamin

JavaScript Developer

Goodbye books and lectures, hello Ultimate Courses. Intuitive, enlightening, and refreshing.

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Chris Cooley

Senior Engineer

Extremely helpful in breaking down concepts into something beginners can understand.

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Dustin Downs

JavaScript Developer

Todd's indepth knowledge of Angular was fantastic, and the TypeScript explanations are superb.

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Hung Bui

Senior Front-End Developer

The best place to get started with Angular, and go straight to the advanced material.

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Zhentain Wan

Javascript Developer

Todd condenses all his hard earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process.

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Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer

You've helped me grasp architecture of Angular apps, and the way it should really be done.

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Ritik Rishu

Senior Engineer

A must have for anyone wanting to become an Angular developer. I learned incredible amounts!

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Mohammad Aljaber

Solutions Architect

Landed my first job after taking these courses, not sure I'd have made it otherwise.

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Mateusz Sapielak

Systems Developer

Fantastic courses explained incredibly well. Very easy to follow and understand concepts. 10/10.

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Nicolas Telfer


This course is the best resource for learning Angular. The Angular Pro course is incredible.

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Victor Hazbun


A fast track to becoming a super solid Angular developer. Detailed, easy to understand, brilliant.

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Mag Leahy

Angular Developer

I've learned and understood so much in such a short amount of time, it's unreal!

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Christian Eckenrode

Senior Engineer

The courses are incredible. You've opened the door for me to build real Angular apps.

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Juan Henriquez

Full Stack Engineer

I’ve achieved the structure and organisation that is difficult to get on your own. Excellent.

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Sergio Sorrentino

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I've spent $1,500 dollars in the last 6 months trying to learn what you gave me in a single course.

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Chris Milford

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Todd's Angular courses are one of the best online trainings that can be found. A+.

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