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A little bit about the journey so far.

Presenting on Angular at TWF Conference.
Presenting on Angular at TWF Conference.

👋 Hi, I'm Todd Motto

Pleased to meet you. I'm a JavaScript and web developer living in not-so-sunny England and creator of Ultimate Courses.

I've been a Google Developer Expert Google Developer Expert icon since 2014, previously a senior JavaScript engineer and team lead, and until 2016 a Developer Advocate.

With a love for teaching, I started making coding videos on my living room floor. Less than a year later I went full-time, and called the project Ultimate Courses.

82,951 students and companies like NASA, Google and Microsoft are all learning with us, I'm just getting started.

🎓 World-wide conference speaker

My love for teaching quality content landed me on stage talking in front of thousands of amazing people. Despite my fear of flying, I've made sure to get on a plane to talk code.

I've been fortunate to speak at some of the world's most prestigious events, talking in over 20 countries at 50+ conferences and 5 keynote slots.

From AngularConnect to NgConf, to JSPoland and FrontTrends, I've travelled across the globe to talk code best practices and share my knowledge to the community.

Talking Component Architecture at AngularConnect.
Talking Component Architecture at AngularConnect.
Collecting Award #3 at JSPoland.
Collecting Award #3 at JSPoland.

🥇 3x award-winning courses

My passion for sharing knowledge didn't stop on stage. Hundreds of thousands of developers are learning from me and are bettering themselves through my courses, technical articles and open source contributions.

My Angular courses have won 2 awards, and my JavaScript courses 1 award at NgPoland and JSPoland respectively. I'm humbled by the community and their recognition for my perfectionist efforts.

💻 Workshop trainer

Much of my experience has been from teaching thousands of developers in-person, at my own privately held workshops or at industry events.

I've loved teaching developers in London, France, Poland, America and many more countries - at events such as NgConf, AngularConnect, Falsy Values, NgPoland and NgEurope.

My workshops have always been extremely well received and inspire me to keep creating for the amazing community.

Discussing Angular performance at Falsy Values.
Discussing Angular performance at Falsy Values.
My beloved lanyard collection from the conferences I've presented at.
My beloved lanyard collection from the conferences I've presented at.

Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

I achieved Google Developer Expert status in 2014 for multiple categories - Angular, JavaScript and Chrome - becoming one of the first invited to the programme by Google.

Being part of the programme has kept me committed and focused on providing the world's best content to the community.