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Learn the smarter and faster way, with industry best-practices and real-world scenarios for you to become the ultimate Angular developer.

Todd Motto

Brought to you by Todd Motto, multi-award winner, world-wide conference speaker and workshop leader. Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

Unlock Angular's full potential.
Build real-world structured apps that scale.

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Todd brings unique enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community.
Brad Green

Brad Green

Angular Product Manager, Google
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Todd's Angular courses are one of the best online trainings that can be found.
John Oswalt

John Oswalt

Technology Expert, Walmart
Angular Framework

Angular Framework

  • Green Tick Icon Module Architecture and Lazy Loading
  • Green Tick Icon Smart/Dumb Component Architecture
  • Green Tick Icon One-way Dataflow and Immutability
  • Green Tick Icon Reactive Forms, Validators
  • Green Tick Icon Routing, Guards, Preloads
  • Green Tick Icon Custom and Built-in Pipes
  • Green Tick Icon Custom and Built-in Directives
  • Green Tick Icon Http and Observable Services
  • Green Tick Icon Unit Testing with Karma
  • Green Tick Icon Dependency Injection and Zones
TypeScript Language

TypeScript Language

  • Green Tick Icon Primitive and Special Types
  • Green Tick Icon tsc and tsconfig
  • Green Tick Icon Type Aliases and Assertions
  • Green Tick Icon Enums and Interfaces
  • Green Tick Icon Classes, Properties and Inheritance
  • Green Tick Icon Generics and Overloads
  • Green Tick Icon Namespaces and Modules
  • Green Tick Icon Decorators and Generic Types
  • Green Tick Icon Mixins and Advanced Compiler Options
  • Green Tick Icon Type Guards and Advanced Types
NGRX State Management

NGRX State Management

  • Green Tick Icon Redux Principles and Architecture
  • Green Tick Icon Writing a Redux Store
  • Green Tick Icon @ngrx/store and Component Architecture
  • Green Tick Icon Actions/Action Creators
  • Green Tick Icon Reducers and Selectors
  • Green Tick Icon Effects with @ngrx/effects
  • Green Tick Icon Router State
  • Green Tick Icon CRUD Operations
  • Green Tick Icon Route Guards for Preloading
  • Green Tick Icon Change Detection and Observables
RxJS Library

RxJS Library

  • Green Tick Icon Push vs Pull Architecture
  • Green Tick Icon Observables and Operators
  • Green Tick Icon Understanding Streams
  • Green Tick Icon Handling Subscriptions
  • Green Tick Icon HTTP Poll, Pause, Resume
  • Green Tick Icon Core Common Operators
  • Green Tick Icon Filtering and Transforming
  • Green Tick Icon Error Handling
  • Green Tick Icon Debouncing and Throttling
  • Green Tick Icon Switching Observables
Todd Motto

Todd Motto Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

I'm Todd, creator of Ultimate Courses teaching beginner to advanced JavaScript, Angular, NGRX, TypeScript through my online courses and blogs. I'm here to help you learn faster for less effort so you can focus on your coding - enjoy!

Empowering Fortune 500 companies and developers worldwide

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A fast track to becoming a super solid Angular developer. Detailed, easy to understand, brilliant!
Mag Leahy

Mag Leahy

JavaScript Engineer, Shell
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A must-have Angular course for anyone looking to dive deep into Angular. Todd's way of teaching is concise, expert and easy to follow.
Evan Chesterman

Evan Chesterman

Front-End Developer, Delta Airlines
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
This is the best Angular training I have come across so far. It perfectly explains the basics and shows how to organize code to the fullest.
Radek Marčan

Radek Marčan

Full Stack Developer, Siemens

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Angular best practices zipped! I've been using the lessons learned in Angular Pro projects and seeing the huge benefits.
Golam Chowdhury

Golam Chowdhury

Front-End Developer, RocketML
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Quite impressive the amount of good practices and knowledge shared. Simply awesome! It's not about learning Angular, but more why you should code an Angular application Todd's way.
Roger Angoh

Roger Angoh

CEO, Mel Consulting
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Angular Pro is awesome! This course is perfect and very complete. Really loved it and levelled up my coding skills instantly.
Leandro Carlos Pereira

Leandro Carlos Pereira

Front-End Developer, Dextra
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You truly have a gift for teaching Angular. I wish I'd taken your courses from the start! I've learned and understood so much in such a short amount of time, it's unreal!
Christian Eckenrode

Christian Eckenrode

Software Engineer, Amazon
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Todd was born with a gift for teaching. He condenses all his hard earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process. He genuinely wants you to learn, and that really makes all the difference.
Sharon DiOrio

Sharon DiOrio

Software Engineer, DistroKid
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Great quality courses! I've a learned a lot from the Ultimate Courses, particularly the Angular courses. Very well explained and more than I expected.
Ghenadie Berco

Ghenadie Berco

Front-End Developer, Fortis