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Todd Motto

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A fast track to becoming a super solid React developer. Detailed, easy to understand, brilliant!
Mag Leahy

Mag Leahy

JavaScript Engineer, Shell
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Todd's TypeScript and Angular courses are likely the best you'll ever find.
John Oswalt

John Oswalt

Technology Expert, Walmart

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React Basics (v18)

  • Green Tick Icon Component Architecture and Pure Components
  • Green Tick Icon Children, Props and Function Delegation
  • Green Tick Icon JSX In-Depth, HTML and Accessibility (ARIA)
  • Green Tick Icon Component State and Abstract Statae
  • Green Tick Icon One-Way Data Flow and Immutable Patterns
  • Green Tick Icon Conditional Rendering and Basic Routing
  • Green Tick Icon Virtual DOM Exploration and Performance
  • Green Tick Icon Hooks-based APIs like useEffect(), useState()
  • Green Tick Icon Forms In-Depth, Fields, Validation and Controls
  • Green Tick Icon Http Requests and Async/Await

React-router icon
React Router (v6)

  • Green Tick Icon Lazy-loading, Code-Splitting, Suspense Ready
  • Green Tick Icon Hooks-based APIs like useParams(), useNavigation()
  • Green Tick Icon Public and Protected Routes via Auth
  • Green Tick Icon Dynamic, Ambiguous, Nested Router Outlets
  • Green Tick Icon Passing Router State to Components
  • Green Tick Icon Relative and Absolute Navigation Techniques
  • Green Tick Icon Query/Search Params and Route Params
  • Green Tick Icon Declarative and Programmatic Navigation
  • Green Tick Icon Object-based Route Configs and CRUD
  • Green Tick Icon Redirects, 404 Not Found and Default Routes

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React State Patterns (v18)

  • Green Tick Icon React without Redux via Hooks APIs
  • Green Tick Icon State Management with Hooks
  • Green Tick Icon Encapsulating State Logic
  • Green Tick Icon Managing Side Effects useEffect()
  • Green Tick Icon Build a Custom React Hook
  • Green Tick Icon Refactor useState() to useReducer()
  • Green Tick Icon Share Reducer Logic via useContext()
  • Green Tick Icon External Libraries like Recoil, xState, Redux

React icon Css icon
React Styling and CSS

  • Green Tick Icon Styling React with Scoped CSS
  • Green Tick Icon Styling React with Inline Styles
  • Green Tick Icon Explore @emotion/css for Components
  • Green Tick Icon Setup Styles and Apply to Components
  • Green Tick Icon Globally Styling React Components
  • Green Tick Icon Styled Components Exploration
  • Green Tick Icon Create React App and Emotion
  • Green Tick Icon Using Sass as the CSS Language

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Advanced React

In Development
  • Green Tick Icon Higher Order Components, Slots, Render Props
  • Green Tick Icon Memoization and Component Composition
  • Green Tick Icon Mastering React.createContext()
  • Green Tick Icon Unit and Snapshot Testing with Jest
  • Green Tick Icon Context Providers and Custom Hooks
  • Green Tick Icon Controlled vs Uncontrolled Components
  • Green Tick Icon Advanced useRef() Techniques
  • Green Tick Icon Error Handling and Rendering Errors
  • Green Tick Icon React Portals, Performance with Profiler

React icon Node icon
Server-Side React

In Development
  • Green Tick Icon Rendering React via react-dom/server
  • Green Tick Icon Hydrating React Client-Side
  • Green Tick Icon Passing State to Server Components
  • Green Tick Icon Status Codes and Messages
  • Green Tick Icon Static Strings vs Pipeable Streams
  • Green Tick Icon Streaming HTML via Node.js
  • Green Tick Icon Error Handling and Fallbacks
  • Green Tick Icon Handling Navigation and Refresh
  • Green Tick Icon Testing Server-Side React Apps

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Loved React Basics. The content is amazing, I learnt so much on this course, can't wait to go over the next React courses!
Victor Hazbun

Victor Hazbun

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By far the best React introductory course out there, just brilliant. I've attempted many others before, but none were up-to-date and comprehensive like this.
Onome Adamu

Onome Adamu

Software Engineer
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
Fantastic courses explained incredibly well. Very easy to follow and understand concepts. 10/10.
Nicolas Telfer

Nicolas Telfer

Co-founder / Engineer

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Crystal clearly explained concepts, meticulously designed examples and projects! Fantastically valuable courses overall!
Yiling Lu

Yiling Lu

Senior Developer
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I attempted other courses before these, and Ultimate Courses is way ahead and incomparable. Clearest explanations, easy to understand, beyond basics, fantastic value for money.
Fabrizio Masini

Fabrizio Masini

JavaScript Developer
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Absolutely fantastic courses. Self-paced, comprehensive, real examples from beginning to end, clear and concisely brilliant.
Jacob Cheriathundam

Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect
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Got accepted for my first dev job a week ago! Not sure I'd have made it without these courses. My chances would've been lots slimmer without Ultimate Courses!
Mateusz Sapielak

Mateusz Sapielak

Systems Developer
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As a complete beginner, this course was perfect for me. I now feel super confident in my JavaScript skills. Thank you very much Todd, for this clear and comprehensive course.
Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Software Engineer
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Great quality course, simple and to the point practices on styling with React. Nicely done.
Haifeng Zhang

Haifeng Zhang

Full-Stack Developer