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Why learn JavaScript?

  • JavaScript is everywhere (and only growing!)
  • Huge ecosystem and community
  • Amazing career opportunities
  • Cross-platform (web, mobile, server, desktop)
Todd Motto

Meet Todd Motto

Founder, Ultimate Courses

Google Developer Expert Google Developer Expert

Years of experience, expert knowledge and best practices go into each course we build, making sure you get the absolute best knowledge you need to succeed.

JavaScript Courses

Your ultimate guide to learning JavaScript. We've unravelled the entire language for you to become an expert.

  • Job-ready training
  • Skill up your team
  • Expert knowledge
  • Certificate of completion
  • Stream or download
  • Best practices included
  • Closed Captions (subtitles)
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Slack community access

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Recommended learning bundle:

JavaScript Ultimate Bundle

Become an expert in JavaScript and fully master the language and beyond. Written fully in ES2015+, you’ll learn all advanced APIs from the latest standards.

JavaScript Basics

63 lessons 7 hours Beginner/Intermediate

Learn modern JavaScript the right way, fully written in ES2015. Learn JavaScript from the absolute beginning and master the core essentials of what a JavaScript developer needs to know. This is a complete introduction to the language.

JavaScript Masterclass

Preorder Now Intermediate/Advanced

Explore the advanced side of JavaScript and learn how to implement design patterns, functional and object-oriented programming concepts, deep exploration of objects and arrays, prototypal inheritance and immutable JavaScript.

JavaScript DOM + HTML5

Preorder Now Intermediate/Advanced

Master the Document Object Model (DOM) and the latest HTML5 JavaScript APIs and build highly interactive websites and applications. Learn how to query and perform complex DOM operations, handle CSS and styling scenarios, compilation and templating through to forms and validation. You’ll deepen your understanding of DOM Elements, their properties and attributes, how to handle user input and events through to storing data in the browser and HTTP communication.

JavaScript Testing

Preorder Now Intermediate/Advanced

Write bulletproof JavaScript by becoming a testing expert. In this course you’ll learn how to approach testing, mocking, configuration and exploration of JavaScript programming and testing.

Todd condenses all his hard earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process.

Sharon DiOrio  photo

Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer

Goodbye books and lectures, hello Ultimate Courses. Intuitive, enlightening, and refreshing.

Chris Cooley photo

Chris Cooley

Senior Engineer

Hands down the best courses available. Daunting concepts aren't scary anymore, they're a breeze.

Vatsal Pande  photo

Vatsal Pande

Full-Stack Engineer

100% money back

Our guarantee shows how confident we are in our courses. We’re proud to be empowering thousands of developers, beginners and experienced pros. If you’re anything less than 110% satisfied, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund you in full.

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Loved by 50,000+ students!

I've spent $1,500 dollars in the last 6 months trying to learn what you gave me in a single course.

Chris Milford photo

Chris Milford

Senior Engineer

The clearest and best produced courses on the market! Clear, concise, packed with best practices.

Kyle Hebert photo

Kyle Hebert

JavaScript Developer

An immense job breaking things down into simple concepts. I would strongly recommend Ultimate Courses.

Houssein Djirdeh photo

Houssein Djirdeh

JavaScript Engineer

Self-paced, comprehensive, real examples from beginning to end, clear and concisely brilliant.

Jacob Cheriathundam photo

Jacob Cheriathundam

Development Architect

Todd's Angular courses are one of the best online trainings that can be found. A+.

John Oswalt  photo

John Oswalt

Technology Expert

I’ve achieved the structure and organisation that is difficult to get on your own. Excellent.

Sergio Sorrentino photo

Sergio Sorrentino

JavaScript Developer

The courses are incredible. You've opened the door for me to build real Angular apps.

Juan Henriquez photo

Juan Henriquez

Full Stack Engineer

I've learned and understood so much in such a short amount of time, it's unreal!

Christian Eckenrode  photo

Christian Eckenrode

Senior Engineer

A fast track to becoming a super solid Angular developer. Detailed, easy to understand, brilliant.

Mag Leahy photo

Mag Leahy

Angular Developer

This course is the best resource for learning Angular. The Angular Pro course is incredible.

Victor Hazbun photo

Victor Hazbun


Fantastic courses explained incredibly well. Very easy to follow and understand concepts. 10/10.

Nicolas Telfer photo

Nicolas Telfer


Landed my first job after taking these courses, not sure I'd have made it otherwise.

Mateusz Sapielak photo

Mateusz Sapielak

Systems Developer

A must have for anyone wanting to become an Angular developer. I learned incredible amounts!

Mohammad Aljaber  photo

Mohammad Aljaber

Solutions Architect

You've helped me grasp architecture of Angular apps, and the way it should really be done.

Ritik Rishu photo

Ritik Rishu

Senior Engineer

Todd condenses all his hard earned knowledge into a time-saving learning process.

Sharon DiOrio  photo

Sharon DiOrio

Lead UI Engineer

The best place to get started with Angular, and go straight to the advanced material.

Zhentain Wan photo

Zhentain Wan

Javascript Developer

Todd's in depth knowledge of Angular was fantastic, and the TypeScript explanations are superb.

Hung Bui photo

Hung Bui

Senior Front-End Developer

Extremely helpful in breaking down concepts into something beginners can understand.

Dustin Downs photo

Dustin Downs

JavaScript Developer

Goodbye books and lectures, hello Ultimate Courses. Intuitive, enlightening, and refreshing.

Chris Cooley photo

Chris Cooley

Senior Engineer

The best resource for anyone wanting to get started with Angular, and go way beyond.

Anish Benjamin photo

Anish Benjamin

JavaScript Developer

The content has been well thought out, everything fits together perfectly.

Pranava Balugari photo

Pranava Balugari

JavaScript Developer

Everything you could to learn for Angular. The courses ask "why?", and responds with the answers!

Ryan Woodcox photo

Ryan Woodcox

JavaScript Developer

I've come up to speed immediately. I was lost and confused before this course, a brilliant job.

Joe Kahl photo

Joe Kahl

Senior Engineer

I attempted other courses before these, and Ultimate Courses is way ahead and incomparable.

Fabrizio Masini  photo

Fabrizio Masini

JavaScript Developer

Hands down the best courses available. Daunting concepts aren't scary anymore, they're a breeze.

Vatsal Pande  photo

Vatsal Pande

Full-Stack Engineer

Ultimate Courses is a fantastic way for you and your team to start writing quality code.

Nate Murray  photo

Nate Murray

Author of ng-book

Very few break down concepts in such a digestable way. Full of vital real-world techniques.

Chris Sevilleja  photo

Chris Sevilleja

Co-founder, Scotch.io

Ultimate Courses gives you an edge. Bursts of knowledge that really step up your game.

Simon Dufour photo

Simon Dufour

JavaScript Developer

Crystal clear concepts, meticulously designed examples and projects. Fantastically valuable.

Yiling Lu  photo

Yiling Lu

Senior Developer

The best Angular instructors out there with unrivalled knowledge. First-class Angular courses.

Sebastien Pelletier  photo

Sebastien Pelletier

Technical Team Lead

The essentials of architecture, combined with organisation and advanced tricks.

Johan Chouquet photo

Johan Chouquet


If you want to finally understand Angular and TypeScript, you're in the right place.

Ryan Chenkie  photo

Ryan Chenkie

Product Owner

The Angular courses are the best you'll find. They've taken our skills to the next level.

Ben Brown photo

Ben Brown

Lead Engineer

Absolutely love these courses, I've built my first proper app. Recommended to all.

Simon Lewis  photo

Simon Lewis

JavaScript Engineer

The real ultimate guide to Angular. Thank you for all your contributions to the community.

Sherry List photo

Sherry List


The Angular courses have been indispensable for me getting things done, the right way.

Stephen Smith photo

Stephen Smith


Hands down best start to finish NGRX course available. 10/10.

Alexander Torres photo

Alexander Torres

IT Specialist

The first course I've ever watch to the end. I've immediately grasped NGRX Store and Effects!

Ben Dalton photo

Ben Dalton

Front-End Engineer

This course is incredible and laid everything out for me in a few hours. I've fallen in love with NGRX!

Jan van Braeckel photo

Jan van Braeckel

Full-Stack Developer

There's no material available like this online all in one place, fantastic.

Dick Swart photo

Dick Swart

Senior Developer

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