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Learn the smarter and faster way, with industry best-practices and real-world scenarios for you to become the ultimate JavaScript developer.

Todd Motto

Brought to you by Todd Motto, multi-award winner, world-wide conference speaker and workshop leader. Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

Unlock JavaScript's full potential.
Build real-world structured apps that scale.

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Todd brings unique enthusiasm, activity and expertise to the Angular community.
Brad Green

Brad Green

Angular Product Manager, Google
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Todd's Angular courses are one of the best online trainings that can be found.
John Oswalt

John Oswalt

Technology Expert, Walmart
JavaScript Basics

JavaScript Basics

  • Green Tick Icon ES2015 and beyond
  • Green Tick Icon Operators and Assignment
  • Green Tick Icon Variables and Scoping
  • Green Tick Icon Strings, Numbers and Booleans
  • Green Tick Icon Conditional Logic
  • Green Tick Icon Functions and Closures
  • Green Tick Icon Arrays and Objects
  • Green Tick Icon Data Structure Iteration
  • Green Tick Icon ES Modules
Advanced JavaScript

Advanced JavaScript

  • Green Tick Icon Functional Programming and Composition
  • Green Tick Icon Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Green Tick Icon Immutable and Mutable Data Structures
  • Green Tick Icon Pure, Higher-Order and Lambda Functions
  • Green Tick Icon Currying and Partial Application
  • Green Tick Icon Object Literals and Factory Functions
  • Green Tick Icon Recursion and Memoization
  • Green Tick Icon Constructors and Prototypal Inheritance
  • Green Tick Icon Private Properties and Methods


  • Green Tick Icon What/Why/How Document Object Model
  • Green Tick Icon DOM Nodes and Elements
  • Green Tick Icon Querying the DOM
  • Green Tick Icon Understanding Nodes
  • Green Tick Icon Applying JS Programming
  • Green Tick Icon Dynamic Templating
  • Green Tick Icon Events and Elements
  • Green Tick Icon Forms and Validation
JavaScript Testing with Jest

JavaScript Testing with Jest

  • Green Tick Icon Testing Setup and Configuration
  • Green Tick Icon Theory and Principles
  • Green Tick Icon Practices and Tricks
  • Green Tick Icon Mocking and Configuration
  • Green Tick Icon Modern Techniques
  • Green Tick Icon Async and Sync Testing
  • Green Tick Icon Unit Testing
  • Green Tick Icon DOM Testing
Todd Motto

Todd Motto Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

I'm Todd, creator of Ultimate Courses teaching beginner to advanced JavaScript, Angular, NGRX, TypeScript through my online courses and blogs. I'm here to help you learn faster for less effort so you can focus on your coding - enjoy!

Empowering Fortune 500 companies and developers worldwide

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100/100! JavaScript Basics is INCREDIBLE! I was really stuck at trying to understand JS and so far I’m getting everything. Awesome course and awesome instructor! Thank you, I can’t wait to continue! #javascriptNinjaPath
Ojjasvi Jain

Ojjasvi Jain

Front-End Developer
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Todd is the master of JavaScript - as we all know! This course is so clear and well presented. I’ve learned so much from these lessons and will refer back to them forever.
Elliott Porter

Elliott Porter

Full Stack Developer
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This is the only course that did it for me. I've watched many videos and read many articles on JavaScript, but this course has the complete modern JavaScript ES6 package. Todd did a great job by simplifying the material.
Adebola Adesina

Adebola Adesina

JavaScript Developer

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The course is extremely well designed and arranged to relay each and every concept, coding skills and patterns required to develop advanced JavaScript application.
Vijay Chauhan

Vijay Chauhan

Full-Stack Engineer
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As a complete beginner, this course was perfect for me. I now feel super confident in my JavaScript skills. Thank you very much Todd, for this clear and comprehensive course.
Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Nguyen Thanh Xuan

Software Engineer
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I have 30+ years as software programmer, and found JavaScript Basics very well explained and easy to follow alone.
Hishmad Amudi

Hishmad Amudi

CTO, PT. Global Kreasi Dana
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JavaScript Basics is a wow course. Clean and clear explanations all the way through. Take the course blindly, it will be helpful for beginners too.
Manikanta Srivishnu

Manikanta Srivishnu

JavaScript Developer
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
This felt like sitting in on a working JavaScript programmer as he was working through various parts of a program. For me, that really worked. Many of the concepts that seemed complex before became understandable.
Bruce Peters

Bruce Peters

Owner and Developer, Just Loans Inc.
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An excellent dive into JavaScript DOM, yet another stellar course - thoughtfully presented. Five stars all the way.
James Duffy

James Duffy

Full Stack Engineer