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Todd Motto

Brought to you by Todd Motto, multi-award winner, world-wide conference speaker and workshop leader. Google Developer Expert icon Google Developer Expert

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An in-depth tour of beginner to advanced TypeScript practices that will set you up for a solid future of bulletproof code.
Christoffer Noring

Christoffer Noring

Lead Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
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You truly have a gift for teaching TypeScript. I've learned and understood so much in such a short amount of time, very impressive!
Christian Eckenrode

Christian Eckenrode

Software Engineer, Amazon

Unlock TypeScript's full potential.
Build real-world structured apps that scale.

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TypeScript Basics

  • Green Tick Icon TypeScript Compiler In-Depth (tsc) and tsconfig
  • Green Tick Icon ES6/7 and JavaScript versus TypeScript
  • Green Tick Icon Primitive and Basic Types
  • Green Tick Icon Implicit and Explicit Types, Assertions
  • Green Tick Icon Creating Types, Enums and Interfaces
  • Green Tick Icon Union, Literal and Tagged Types
  • Green Tick Icon Typing Functions and Signatures
  • Green Tick Icon Any, Void, Never, Null, Strict Null Checks
  • Green Tick Icon OOP Practices In-Depth with Classes and Inheritance
  • Green Tick Icon Set/Get, Protected, Private/Public/Static Members

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Advanced TypeScript

  • Green Tick Icon Advanced Types, Mapped Types, keyof/typeof
  • Green Tick Icon Generics, Type Guards, Signatures and Overloads
  • Green Tick Icon Namespaces, Generics and Custom Modules
  • Green Tick Icon Strict Type Checking, Advanced Compiler Options
  • Green Tick Icon Queries and Lookup/Reverse Types
  • Green Tick Icon Type Modifiers and 'this' Keyword
  • Green Tick Icon Guarding Types with typeof/instanceof/literals
  • Green Tick Icon Interfaces vs Classes vs Types
  • Green Tick Icon Reverse Mappings, Inline and Numeric Enums
  • Green Tick Icon DefinitelyTyped and Declaration Files/Modules

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A true masterclass in TypeScript! I think the course is great, the concepts are introduced briefly and the examples are simple enough to follow.
William Ennals

William Ennals

Full-Stack Engineer, Leidos
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After watching the TypeScript Basics and Masterclass course, I'm super confident in my knowledge. Todd helped making the strengths of TypeScript a lot clearer and showed best practices for writing flexible and better code.
Phuoc Le

Phuoc Le

Full Stack Developer
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Brilliant TypeScript course. Clear, concise and spot on! I went through this course as a refresher. Absolutely loved it.
Rishi Abeeluck

Rishi Abeeluck

Software Engineer

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TypeScript Basics class is awesome, I really enjoyed, it was nice and clear and I picked things up real fast.
Sergio Flores Ledezma

Sergio Flores Ledezma

Full Stack Developer, MonBuilding
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Excellent course. Todd presents the information extremely well and in a way that is easy to understand. This course will benefit anyone looking to understand Typescript better!
Casey Colvell

Casey Colvell

Senior Software Engineer, Clearlink
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I loved this course. Easy to follow and helped me get a better understanding of not just TypeScript, but also JavaScript as a language and why things work the way they do.
Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

JavaScript Engineer
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This is a very well paced and explained course through the world of TypeScript! Great job and looking forward to more.
Daniel Marbach

Daniel Marbach

Software Engineer, Particular
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Excellent introduction to TypeScript, very much enjoyed and learned so much. Full of great content and took away a lot of the confusion around TypeScript!
Ivan Shupenya

Ivan Shupenya

Software Developer, Creatio
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
Skip the docs, go here! This is a fantastic course to dip your toes in TypeScript. I feel like I understand the official documents better now that I am done with this course.
Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma

Application Developer, Accenture