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Accounts & Invoices

Where can I find my invoice?

You'll find a PDF invoice attached to your email receipt. You can also find it any time in your Account purchases. Company and VAT details entered at checkout will also appear on the invoice.

What are my payment options?

Our online checkout accepts both Credit Card (via Stripe) and PayPal. Alternatively, send us an invoice payment request here. We will happily accomodate any Purchase Order fulfillments.

Where do I login or reset my password?

Login here. Reset your password at any time here.

What Account details can I manage?

In your Account you can update your name, email and password. See and download previous purchases and update your card and address details.

Teams & Companies

Can I purchase for my Team?

Absolutely! Add the course(s) you'd like to Cart, then increase the quantity to the team size you need. You will be able to add your team members after checkout at any time in your Team page.

Where do I manage Team members?

Visit your Team page to see your teams and their members. You can invite team members, suspend members, and add more seats to increase your team size.

How do I invite someone to my Team?

Select a Team, then select "Add Member". You can invite members via their email address or share your private registration link.

Can I purchase more Team members?

With just one-click you can add more seats to increase your team size. Visit your Team and select "Team Settings" and "Add Seats". Select how many seats you need and you'll be taken straight to checkout.

Do Teams get discounts?

Yes. Quite simply - as the Team size increases, the per user price decreases. Team discounts are applied at checkout, per transaction, and are not carried across to future upgrades.

Can I view my team's progress?

Select a Team to see a list of it's members. Each member has a Progress column where you can see the completion status of each course.

Online Courses

Do courses have subtitles (Closed Captions)?

Yes, all courses have subtitles (Closed Captions) in English. Our 2019 plan includes rolling out Closed Captions in other languages.

How long do I get access for?

All courses are one-time purchase, with free lifetime updates. No subscriptions, you can access the courses at any time.

Do you offer course completion certificates?

Yes! Once you've finished a course, please reach out to us with courses you've completed and we'll issue you an official invoice.

Can I share my course with someone else?

Our licensing agreement prohibits any form of sharing. Account activity is tracked and abuse of copyright taken very seriously.