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Modern Angular 1.x essential interview questions

AngularJS 1.x has changed a lot with version 1.5 introducing .component(), and with this it brings a whole new light to interviewing. At many previous jobs I’ve interviewed many developers on Angular, JavaScript in general and combining the two. This is my list of what I’d consider “modern AngularJS 1.x” interview questions, with a focus on component architecture and modern “best practices”. Some are easy, some are hard - take your pick!

Some questions are geared towards letting the interviewee decide approaches and answer based on their experience/opinions. For instance, “when would you use X over Y” is a better question than “why is X a better approach than Y?”. This allows you to dig deeper and also have better conversations during the interview - as well as quickly gauge whether the developer is right for you.

Answers are not included, and won’t be. Some are very subjective, some I’d encourage you to learn yourself. If you do not know the answers, then you can research the ones you do not know and learn. Reciting will not get you through a job interview :)


State management and dataflow

Performance and debugging

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  • Green Tick Icon Observables and Async Pipe
  • Green Tick Icon Identity Checking and Performance
  • Green Tick Icon Web Components <ng-template> syntax
  • Green Tick Icon <ng-container> and Observable Composition
  • Green Tick Icon Advanced Rendering Patterns
  • Green Tick Icon Setters and Getters for Styles and Class Bindings

Modules and internals



Routing (ui-router 1.0.0)



Services and HTTP


Testing and tooling

Any others?

Feel free to drop a comment with any suggestions or comments!

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