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Todd Motto β€œThis book is straight to the point, syntax exploration, comprehensive guide, real-world examples, tips and tricks - it covers all you need” Todd Motto, author of Exploring JavaScript Array Methods

πŸ”₯ ForEach, Map, Filter, Reduce, Some, Every, Find

const items = [
  { id: 'πŸ”', name: 'Super Burger', price: 399 },
  { id: '🍟', name: 'Jumbo Fries', price: 199 },
  { id: 'πŸ₯€', name: 'Big Slurp', price: 299 }
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Incredibly well put together resource for all developers! Learning these methods is essential. If you're still pretending you know these array methods, now's the time to finally learn them - you will love this eBook!

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Chris Whited

Senior Engineer, ThisDot

This eBook explains beautifully everything you need to know to work with the most common-used Array methods while being packed with absolutely useful and informative tips. Whether you know Array well or just start to learn about it - read this book. You will love it as I do!

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Maya Shavin

Senior Developer, Cloudinary

This is for any JavaScript developer who wants to level up their JavaScript Array manipulation skills - seriously. Both basic and advanced uses of the Array methods are covered in such a simple way. The extra tips and tricks are the cherry on the cake!

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Wassim Chegham

Senior Developer Advocate, Microsoft

An awesome resource about Array methods! It has all the information you need in a straight to the point format. I will be coming back to this eBook every time I need a refresher on those methods. Best of all: Code Newbie friendly!

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Pachi Carlson

Web Developer, Viviscape