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All the features you need

Grant course access for your whole team

Team pricing

Teams are automatically created from the quantity you add at checkout. The more team users, the more the discount.

Team pricing

Manage users

Invite new members to join your Team at any time, this will give them immediate access to the courses you’ve purchased.

Manage users

Progress reports

Keep an eye on the progress of each team member at any time. You can view the progress on a course-by-course basis.

Progress reports

Increase team size

Whenever your team size grows, you can easily Add additional Seats to increase your Team size in just a few clicks.

Easily add seats

Multiple teams

Manage multiple teams for many courses. A live view of your Teams and available seats is always available.

Multiple teams

Team purchases

Get a copy of your invoice at any time in your account area. All company and VAT details will be included.

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I can't think of any Angular course training that I trust to be more accurate, and promote the best practices, than Ultimate Courses.

Jules Kremer Picture

Jules Kremer

Angular Developer Relations, Google

San Francisco, California

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Ultimate Courses is fantastic. My engineering team is building apps better than ever. In-depth training that pushes new standards.

Jordan Epps Picture

Jordan Epps

Director of Engineering, Revolution Prep

Santa Monica, California


Can I purchase for my Team?

Absolutely! Add the course(s) you'd like to Cart, then increase the quantity to the team size you need. You will be able to add your team members after checkout at any time in your Team page.

Where do I manage Team members?

Visit your Team page to see your teams and their members. You can invite team members, suspend members, and add more seats to increase your team size.

How do I invite someone to my Team?

Select a Team, then select "Add Member". You can invite members via their email address or share your private registration link.

Can I purchase more Team members?

With just one-click you can add more seats to increase your team size. Visit your Team and select "Team Settings" and "Add Seats". Select how many seats you need and you'll be taken straight to checkout.

Do Teams get discounts?

Yes. Quite simply - as the Team size increases, the per user price decreases. Team discounts are applied at checkout, per transaction, and are not carried across to future upgrades.

Can I view my team's progress?

Select a Team to see a list of it's members. Each member has a Progress column where you can see the completion status of each course.