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React icon React Styling

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Compatible with v16.x

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9 lessons 2 hours

What you'll learn

The Missing Introduction to React Styling 7:51

Almero Steyn

Almero Steyn

Course Author


  • React basic experience
  • CSS basic knowledge

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide for learning Angular and TypeScript, you'll find no better resource than Ultimate Courses.

David East

David East

Developer Advocate, Firebase

After the RxJS Basics course I know much more than before about RxJS. I've learnt in a practical way how and when to use the powerful operators the library provides taking advantage from them in the daily work. Amazing!

Attilio Urbani

Attilio Urbani

Software Engineer

Todd's courses lead the way in the Angular world. We also worked together on a very successful live Angular performance training session to hundreds of developers.

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper

CooperPress, JavaScript Weekly

A must have for anyone wanting to become an Angular developer. Lots of best practices to help you architect big apps. I learned incredible amounts from this course!

Mohammad Aljaber

Mohammad Aljaber

Solutions Architect

Todd's materials are always fantastic! The courses have helped me far better grasp real architecture of Angular apps - and the way it should really be done. A+.

Ritik Rishu

Ritik Rishu

Senior Engineer

Wow! I've achieved a great level of understanding on how to build real applications with Angular. Todd's indepth knowledge of Angular was fantastic, and the explanations on Typescript are superb.

Hung Bui

Hung Bui

Senior Front-End Developer

Angular Fundamentals is the clearest, and best produced Angular course on the market! Clear, concise, packed with best practices and skilled me up very quickly!

Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert

JavaScript Developer

Hands down the best courses available for Angular! Just follow along, you'll fall in love with Angular. Daunting concepts aren't scary anymore, they're a breeze.

Vatsal Pande

Vatsal Pande

Full-Stack Engineer, eBay

Here’s what’s covered...

Everything you need, structured and ready to go

Introduction to Styling in React

1 lesson

  • The Missing Introduction to Styling in React


Styling React Apps with CSS

1 lesson

  • Styling React with CSS


Styling React Apps with SASS

1 lesson

  • Styling React with SASS


Styling React Apps with Emotion

6 lessons

  • The concepts of CSS-in-JS


  • Setting up Emotion


  • Adding global styles in Emotion


  • Styling components with the CSS prop


  • Styling with Emotion Styled Components


  • Using Emotion with an un-ejected CRA application


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